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Barbara Yates Beasley Turns Fabric into Fine Art

First in a two-part series on ways quilting has been changing in the 21st century

"Beauty of the Beasts," fiber art by Barbara Yates Beasley

“Beauty of the Beasts” by Barbara Yates Beasley hung in the Lincoln Center during Fiber Celebration 2014 in Fort Collins.

A year ago, “Beauty of the Beasts” hung in the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins during Fiber Celebration 2014. Standing in front of it, I marveled at the gorilla’s deep-set eyes and powerful shoulder and head. How had the artist created such a picture with fabric? I marveled and moved on.

Two months ago while exploring the NoBo Art District’s website (NoBo: North Boulder), I saw “Beauty of the Beasts” again – the digital version. The massive blue gorilla had been unforgettable. Now I could seize the opportunity to connect with the artist and find out how she makes a quilted picture – if she was willing to share her secret. Continue reading