About this blog:

“Handmade on the Front Range” is a blog for artisan aficionados – those who admire the skill and artistry of handcrafters. It showcases extraordinary handmade items of lasting value and the people who make them along the Front Range of Colorado. It also suggests shops, fairs, and exhibits where you can see and buy those items, as well as opportunities to try your hand at the crafts they represent.

A new post appears every other Wednesday. There are no paid subscriptions, and no payment is accepted from individuals or businesses included in its posts.

About the blogger:

My name is Sally Gumerman. I’ve lived in Fort Collins since 2011 with my husband of 40+ years. We visit often with our two daughters who also live on the Front Range.

People often ask me two things: a) why am I writing “Handmade on the Front Range” and           b) how did I get the idea?

These are my answers: a) for fulfillment and b) the idea blew in when I was innocently drying my hair.

Contact me at Sally@FrontRangeHandmade.com

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  1. Mary Ann ONeill

    Congratulations on an idea coming to fruition! What an asset for the Front Range artists, craftspeople, residents and visitors, not to forget ‘virtual guests”!
    Looking forward to your weekly posts!
    Thanks, Sally!

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