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With Fiber, Wire, and Strips of Glass, Megan Tilley Weaves Her View of Life

Megan Tilley's textile sculpture

Megan Tilley brings together her passion for both sculpture and weaving in this fiber and copper wire wall hanging.

In her home on the west side of Fort Collins, Megan Tilley surrounds herself with her art – and not just for the Fort Collins Studio Tour, when I met her. Permanent, focused lighting brings out the best in her wall hangings, mobiles, and sculpture. Her home has become both her studio and her gallery.

Megan calls her work collectively Raw Life Expressions. As she talked about it, I realized that what I need words to do, Megan does with fiber, metal, and glass. No wonder the results are so unique.

Megan specialized in sculpture during her undergraduate days as a fine arts major at Colorado State University. She took a weaving class simply to fill a requirement – but fell in love with it on the first assignment.

Now a loom sits across a corner of her living room with all the aplomb of a baby grand piano. Continue reading