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Stained Glass and Paint Bring Out the Best in Each Other at River Wind Art Glass

"Ghost Wolf" in painted stained glass by Karen Cannon and Anne Meier-Davis

Karen Cannon and Anne Meier-Davis combined their skills in painting and stained glass to create “Ghost Wolf,” one of their earliest collaborations. (Photo provided by River Wind Art Glass.)

Two years ago, Anne Meier-Davis was creating stained glass art in her studio at the north end of College Avenue in Fort Collins. Stained glass had been her medium for about 20 years, but not always in Colorado.

Anne had recently arrived from North Carolina, where she had collaborated with other artists on a variety of stained glass projects for residences, businesses, and churches. She missed having someone who could bring detail and depth to her stained glass work by painting on glass.

Meanwhile, in a studio nearby, Karen Cannon was creating fine art paintings of animals — sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious, always remarkably true to physical form. The two women had barely met before Anne asked Karen if she would consider painting on glass. Continue reading